Standing Floor Lamp for Appealing Interior Design Ideas

Denis Khramov has brilliantly generated appealing interior design ideas with standing floor lamp for an apartment. The arrangement was about maximize homey ambiance through some minimalist forms, very intriguing, isn’t it? Of course, the main hue was white since this hue apparently becomes the best representation of minimalist vibe. And the presence of some trendy artwork and modern furniture emerges as the beauty escalator for this dwelling.

Firstly, the chic kitchen was designed very creative with some black walls which have handy note white cabinets and kitchen set, wooden counter top and also dynamic mesh pendant lamps. Secondly, the form of lounge was also very inspiring through a chic arrangement of white painted walls, blonde wood floors, black sofas and standing floor lamp. And the next room which explains that this residence chiefly implementing one of the most creative interior design ideas for apartments is the bedroom. This bedroom emerges very alluring with a wooden bed, a sleek white chair and some modern artwork in the wall.

Moreover, large sliding glass windows and doors were also added throughout the apartment, enhancing the modern and tranquil vibe for sure. Pendant lamps and contemporary artwork also emerge in each side, giving strong futuristic sense in a very minimalist way. The idea of this moderate style in fact, could bring a very enchanting and fabulous outlook.

In the end, for every owner who wants to get a chic design for their residence, could refer to this apartment decoration. The combination of minimum arrangement and the presence modern artwork as well as furniture obviously become the main attraction, thus this standing floor lamp could be implemented as interior design ideas for apartments living room, kitchen, or bedroom easily with some practical adjustment since the design was formed with moderate style so everybody could try it.

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