Soft Wall Paint Colors Enlivening a Russian Home Interior

Creamy and elegant are perfectly covering the whole room with the presence of soft wall paint colors embracing every living room with the comfort. The clashing scene becomes brighter for the glazed wall inviting the natural light to join the interior design. The modular lighting set also gives the presence to support the contemporary concept. It is the ultimate point of Andrew Stuben’s work to grant a magnificent architecture with the fashionable and stylish furniture designs.

Sharp lining is the most prominent scene in the sitting area interior. Within the soft wall paint colors, contemporary sofa provides a delicate seat mating with the light and clear table. The rectangular accent aligns with the next chairs before the modern in-wall fireplace. It looks unmatched to see the curvy chairs collaborate with the plain wooden table to enjoy the dinner; however, the wooden nature of the table seems to be the core of the mellow cream wall above and beside the dining furniture.

Checking the chef zone, it just a small island conveying the stove and the bar to dish delicious Russian meal. The sleek floor tiles ornately reflect every nook of the home by the glassy demeanor. The tiles end the invasion for the wooden floor presence altering the home ground cover. This wooden appearance enhances the messy colors combination of these interior hues. The glass wall and guard make the setting to be more abrupt with the translucency striking the solid and bold elements.

It is a combination of private museum and office area. The darker hues donate a fit scene for the dead-animals collection seems to regain their soul. The tender illumination from the two floor lamps lends the light to liven up the sitting spot. It is unusual to let the faucet and the sink gathering with the study room except the inhabitant is a scientist. The nice arrangement is in accordance with the soft wall paint colors creating dark and soft atmosphere.

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