Modern Fireplace Gas in Luxurious Contemporary Home Design

Having inspiration and idea of luxurious and lavish contemporary home design with modern fireplace gas emerges very happening recently, since more people want to get enchanting residence with more charming and expensive outlook. This captivating design belongs to Paul Allen’s new home, apparently could be a very promising reference since it shows very stirring concept. The warmish wooden features is the main accent of this dwelling, which could explain very well how wood will be very inspiring in term of bringing luxurious appearance and lavish milieu.

The wooden element feels so authentic throughout the house, for instance in the tranquil dining room. There are rustic wooden dining table and chairs, a modern fireplace gas, artistic pendant lamp in classic style, wooden walls and large glass windows with black painted wooden frames. Further ahead design of the elegant bathroom also shows the brilliant manifestation of contemporary home design ideas, through some artistic wooden furniture for instance wooden cabinets, modern basins, and even a Jacuzzi.

Moreover the decoration for the kitchen was also very well-formed. Blonde wood cabinets are the main vibe which gives a warm ambiance throughout the kitchen. Then white marble counter top is the next attraction, along with some trendy pendant lamps. The whole atmosphere feels so warm, homey and calm. And for the living area, the design also appears very mature through combination of wooden walls, minimalist fireplace, comfy black and white sofas, artistic sculpture and some artwork.

To sum up, when it comes to luxurious and lavish design then this charming residence will be very inspiring, especially for those who love wooden  furniture. The idea of bringing sleek and fabulous outlook through wooden features was very authentic and could be a proof that wood has a very ultimate lavish vibe. Thus, we could say that this exterior and interior residence will be very promising and stirring as an illustration of exterior concept and contemporary home interior design ideas which apply the modern fireplace gas for everybody who want to create more lavish and fabulous outlook of their dwelling.

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