Interior Decorating Design that Enliven Apartment Living Room

This interior decorating design is the brainchild of Pavel Vetrov, which visualize the fancy and pretty items to enliven the interior design schemes. The first apartment spreads the black and white scene as the main setting in the living room. The most striking the eyes is the appearance of the chevron rug in zebra color. Looking further in the eye-catching decors, the core of red stuff intercepts in square clock on white wall. It aligns with the planters color and some decorative items on the shelf.

The next apartment lets the gray becoming the ultimate hue under the sleek white ceiling. This sitting room has the stylish lighting set to play with the illumination. Submerged lighting behind the flat TV reveals the wallpaper gradation color. The beauty of white flower reinforces the artificial charm of this loafing space interior. It is one of the elegant interior decorating design for apartments that employ realism painting to create the red as an evident core.

It is about dining and dishing area that grants the glossy scene. In the dark and light interior color scheme, the white wall cabinets present the contrast with the base ones. Dining furniture allures the scheme thus the stylish chairs and table have the same demeanor with the kitchen unit. Colorful petals of the living plant on the dining table diminish the strict and modest view.

This other living home lets several old-fashioned decors to complete the room interior. It seems the two worlds blending in one small space but arranged with a neat setting. The old organ manner shows the contrast presence with the sitting furniture. Ethnical touch revives a remarkable interior combination in the form of ornate rug under the contemporary sofa. It is so please to review the collection of interior decorating design for apartments which this famous designer has created.

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