Antique Wood Walls for Ingenious Renovation Design Ideas

Among some creative renovation design ideas, BK Architecten has brilliantly formed one of the most captivating remodeling ideas with antique wood walls for a classic church into a spacious bookstore named Waanders in de Broeren. The general design was about conserving the holy part of the church, and implementing some precise adjustment to make the church more adaptable as a bookshop. Free standing form was designed throughout the part to prevent any harm effect for the antique walls and pillars.

Basically the architect really works hard to maintain the value of artistic elements within the church. Some parts were unchanged for instance beautiful mezzanine floors, gorgeous vaulted ceiling, vigorous pillars, vivid glass windows, and so on. Forming and implementing house renovation design ideas with antique wood walls for this case obviously need a very mature planning and consideration. Because the church will be function as a bookstore, hence without losing its symbolic and aesthetic elements, the church needs to be arranged in a more bookstore concept.

The display of books was designed in each wall side and formed into two levels. And some adjustment were developed to produce more balancing with the existing aspects, for instance white painted balcony, timber staircase, and gorgeous lighting. The arrangement of the books was also designed very mature through some sturdy bookshelves which stick into the walls and some display long tables. Moreover, the cafeteria space was perfectly formed into artistic yet comfy area with some wooden tables and chairs. The whole design will pamper every guest with its artistic and gorgeous existing parts and calm new elements.

Overall, the idea of this remodeling design was very inspiring in term of conserving the classy element as well as adding some flexible new parts. This bookshop in Zwolle, Netherland will be a very affecting illustration of home renovation design ideas with antique wood walls and also it undoubtedly brings new inspiration about reconstruction design.

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